Gulf Coast Crating (GCC) is not your traditional crating company. We were not built by an ambitious carpenter that decided to start a larger operation. Instead GCC’s founder, Paul Pitman, was a former supply-chain professional that spent the last 17 years in the logistics and transportation sector prior to starting the company in May 2014. Focused on sales and his customers needs for much of his career, he took a role as Executive Vice President of a regional transportation company. That experience taught him the metrics-side of running a business. With a customer-focused background and a strong financial approach, plus a shoestring budget, he hired two former furniture builders and started GCC out of the back of a customer’s warehouse. While never losing focus of the client and maintaining a judicious economic approach, he has built the largest crating company in Houston, with over 200 employees. 
The rest is history.

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To continue to advance a customer-focused company that provides impeccable service that is unrivaled across our industries.


Two companies, Gulf Coast Crating and XLR8 Delivery, comprise a powerful consortium of dedicated professionals. We provide unsurpassed reliability and customer service; all the while offering a variety of export packing, crating, and transportation solutions.




Great Services
Gulf Coast Crating is now recognized as an industry leader, with experience and expertise in both heavy and light export packing and crating projects.




Highest Standards
We are committed to client satisfaction, high-quality workmanship, service and dependability

Professional Team

Our team of professionals are dedicated to the goal of exceeding our customer’s expectations.



Flexible Solutions
Our experienced work force is committed to doing fast, high quality work, within budget, for a successful project every time.





Built around a Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment Leader (QSHE)
we are committed to these philosophical cornerstones under the belief in: 
“Two Companies, One Vision”


  • Approach: Measured and Practiced

  • Preventive Maintenance is NO. 1

  • Establish Parameters Early

  • Check and Re-check Decisions

  • Allow for Flexibility Based on Situations

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