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What does it mean to possess a competitive advantage? 


At Gulf Coast Crating, that translates to going further than anyone in the business to get your job accomplished safely and within your price point. 
You know that for us, a crate, isn’t just that—it’s a reflection of who we are. 
Everyone on our staff is the very best at what they do. It’s the intricate details that matter to each of us. 


Crates are not built with just anything. Though the design of a basic crate is fairly simple, four sides and so forth…
The issue is how to manage expectations and meet deadlines. That prospect presents the average company with issues.
Not us.


Our crating shop is full of master craftsmen who specialize in problem-solving and customization. No matter what is required we can tailor our approach to suit your needs. Every time, day, night, on weekends or offsite. 


This is our hallmark. 
That’s a competitive advantage

The Lumber Market: A Snapshot


The lumber market is something we monitor and negotiate every business day. Sound procurement translates to reward, incentive, and value. 


We keep a storehouse of lumber onsite everyday.  We are prepared to handle any size job at any time. It is ready to go for you! 


Look at our volume and expenditure history, our competitors do!

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